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Green Care Essentials – Offers Comprehensive Body Corporate Packages in Brisbane and South East Brisbane through to Coomera

As a professional lawn and garden maintenance provider in Brisbane, Green Care Essentials offer special body corporate packages to cater to the needs of body corporates.

We understand the distinct needs of shared spaces, traffic areas and gardens. We also understand that the people managing the body corporate are often pressed for time and do not wish to waste time on garden maintenance issues. The body corporate packages of Green Care Essentials help to streamline the process of communication, which eliminates any delay in decision-making processes. Our body corporate packages are devised in such a way that the site visits and repairs are kept to the minimum.

We keep the gardens neat, clean, green, and safe according to your specifications and requirements. Comprehensive Body Corporate Packages from Green Care Essentials are the key to peace of mind for owners and tenants.

We offer exclusive packages for Brisbane body corporates to address their specific needs and packages can consist of a culmination of garden services such as:

  • lawn mowing
  • slashing
  • mulching
  • garden pruning
  • shrub and branch pruning
  • leaf litter removal
  • driveways, entries, courtyard and pathways leaf blower cleared
  • high pressure cleaning
  • gutter cleaning

It is important to remember these communal area could be accessible 24/7 to tenants so regular maintenance within a body corporate package is critical to the safety and wellbeing of your tenants and their guests/visitors.

We Can Help You Get Started

You can call us on 0403 980 181 to get a free quote or site evaluation for a body corporate package. If you need more details, click here to fill the online enquiry form.

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